The Modern Mind – Mindfulness & Meditation


Mindfulness & Meditation for the Modern Mind
Mike Newell



The ancient teachings of Yoga, Advaita, Toa and Zen have been brought into the 21st century.

Join us for four interactive talks where Mike, the speaker, replaces spirituality, mysticism and religion with our latest understandings of physics and neuroscience to compliment modern day living making mindfulness and meditation accessible to YOU!

Using simple yet proven mindfulness and meditation techniques, Mike will empower the audience to find the ‘pathway of truth’ which all four ancient teachings have as their goal. Move away from the frantic motorway of pleasure seeking, into the gentle countryside of contentment and happiness - it is easy when you know how!

Having lectured in Oxford and London over the years, Mike is passionate about providing a refreshing and holistic approach to the subject making it accessible to all.
Brief outline of talks:
Week one:        
  • Explanation of why we humans struggle to find lasting happiness
  • Intro to meditation and a scientific analysis of why it works
  • Explanation of Mindfulness, where to find it and what happens when you practice
Week two:        
  • Physics - Modern understanding of the operation of our day to day world and how it is not what we perceive it to be
  • The neuroscience of brain function in relation to Yoga, Advaita, Tao and Zen
  • Detailed explanation of what happens in a Zen monastery when a person reaches Enlightenment
Week three:     
  • True self and eliminating false identities nurtured since childhood
  • Explanation of the corrosive effects of stress on our lives and how to eliminate/reverse those effects
Week four:       
  • All 4 talks combined diagrammatically - the jigsaw revealed
* The majority of people choose to do these talks several times, due to the amount of information offered.

DATE: Tuesday 24th April - Tuesday 15th May (1 hour per week for 4 weeks)

TIME: 7pm - 8pm

VENUE: 55 Harley Street, W1G 8QR

£70 for 4 weeks OR
£60 for early booking (by 19th March)/returning students or anyone within a current programme with ‘Katie Millett Health’

RSVP to (spaces are limited and fill up quick)

please contact or 07841382023 for queries


"we both loved the talks and found the teachings fascinating and inspiring from start to finish and we love the way the teachings were presented by Mike. Please do keep me posted of any future events and workshops that Mike is doing" ZD

"Thank you very much for organising the talks, extremely interesting" CMP

" I really enjoyed the talks. Thank you so much for organising them." PP

" I thoroughly enjoyed the talks and found them hugely interesting. I thought Mike was extremely good at explaining concepts which could have been pretty tough to grasp otherwise. If Mike decides to run the course again in London at a future date I would be interested again." CW

“the third time I have done these talks, an absolute must!” SL