(Cheats) Homemade chocolate with the WOW factor

(Cheats) Homemade Chocolates

OK so these are just for fun. Not sure this can be claimed as ‘cooking’ but hell, who cares! Nothing beats a homemade present, end of!

A great activity to do with the kids during the holidays, a great last minute addition to a dinner party and of course, a personal treat for your Valentine! 

These could not get any easier to produce and have people seriously impressed!  I made a huge batch at Christmas time to keep in the fridge as my ‘go to’ sweet treat to keep me off the mass produced nasty stuff. I had to wrestle my mother out of the fridge, she could not keep her hands off of these!

I have given you the basic method here but be confident and  creative with different flavours and moulds for different occasions, ages and tastebuds. The heart mould is clearly a winner for valentine’s day!

I used very good quality 75% cocoa for these, so strictly speaking they are NOT free from sugar, but if you can try going darker at 85% or even 100%. You can always pop a little sugar substitute in of your choice.



Ready in

2 bars of good quality dark chocolate (at least 75% and preferable with no refined sugar)

Good quality sea or Himalayan salt

Desiccated coconut (swap out/substitute of different favours)  

Other flavours could include: chopped dried fruit, orange zest, finely chopped nuts


1. |

Slowly melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over simmering water

2. |

Sprinkle in a good pinch or 2 of salt (to taste)

3. |

Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of desiccated coconut or desired filling (to taste)

4. |

Pour into ice cube moulds

5. |

Place into fridge and allow chocolate to cool and set

6. |

Thats it, ENJOY!!